what we sow is what you reap

African Harvest Company Profile

African Harvest is the culmination of years of passion, commitment and aspirations of a collective of entrepreneurs that espouse the delivery of good value, good service and good practice to the communities that they serve. Subscribing to the notion that quality is not a prerequisite to class and affordability African Harvest benchmarked itself as a vendor of quality to all its clients.

African Harvest groups together in one "tour de force" these aspirations across industries that the individual companies trade. With more than 25 years of good service to clients and business partners African Harvest is a valued alternative to all who espouse to do business in South Africa. As an incredible concern, African Harvest is uniform in its commitment to create a common currency of value through service across health, financial and short term insurance partnerships.

With main operations in South Africa, African Harvest's business collaborations with a variety of quality partners is extending our reach.